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Sold Hats

These hats have all left our store but we wanted to share the unique creations that are now out exploring the world! We are able to recreate similar hats to these one-of-a-kind pieces, but please know all hats are unique and made by hand, one at a time.

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Sold outWilhelminaWilhelmina
Wilhelmina Sale price$650.00
Sold outNelsonNelson
Nelson Sale price$650.00
Sold outGazeGaze
Gaze Sale price$450.00
Sold outScoutScout
Scout Sale price$600.00
Sold outRubyRuby
Ruby Sale price$650.00
Sold outRoyalRoyal
Royal Sale price$625.00
Sold outNataNata
Nata Sale price$625.00
Sold outJessaJessa
Jessa Sale price$650.00
Sold outTempletonTempleton
Templeton Sale price$650.00
Sold outSparrowsSparrows
Sparrows Sale price$700.00
Sold outAbiertoAbierto
Abierto Sale price$650.00
Sold outLettieLettie
Lettie Sale price$650.00
Sold outRexRex
Rex Sale price$800.00
Sold outMaxMax
Max Sale price$600.00
Sold outGregoryGregory
Gregory Sale price$600.00
Sold outWileyWiley
Wiley Sale price$600.00
Sold outChucksChucks
Chucks Sale price$600.00
Sold outElla - CustomElla - Custom
Ella - Custom Sale price$700.00
Sold outSage - CustomSage - Custom
Sage - Custom Sale price$700.00
Sold outAvery - CustomAvery - Custom
Avery - Custom Sale price$700.00
Sold outLunaLuna
Luna Sale price$600.00
Sold outGaga - CustomGaga - Custom
Gaga - Custom Sale price$700.00
Sold outDreamsDreams
Dreams Sale price$600.00