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Custom hats

Design Your dream hat

Choosing to design yourself a custom hat is an exciting experience that will allow you to be a part of the process from the beginning!

We meet in our Breckenridge studio and measure your head, not just once with a soft tape, but twice - with the precision of our Conformateur.  

We have a wide selection of felt colors in stock to choose from, either 100% Nutria (also known as Coypu) or 100% Rabbit.  These can vary in weight.  We carry 160 gram and 220 gram felt options.  If you do not feel drawn to colors in house, we are able to order you other colors, depending on availability from our suppliers.  We can special order Beaver or Beaver blends upon request. 

Once we have decided upon your felt, next we discuss your thoughts on style.  There are many traditional hat bodies to choose from, and we may have certain "blocks" here that are the exact style you are looking for.  If you are leaning towards a custom design, all the work is done by hand to shape your style!

Our hats at Midsommar come with a lambskin sweatband sewn by hand and a silk liner interior.   If you would like to stay simple, we will chose a complimentary ribbon as the hat band for you.  Additionally, we have a full "hat bar" to assist you with creating a custom hat band, including raw stones, leather, feathers, crystals, quills and more!

Branding letters/symbols, distressing, sewing, and burning art onto your hat are additional options available in the shop as well.

Enjoy the video below detailing our full hands on process of making custom hats!


A Sustainable Alternative to Beaver

Beavers are native and crucial keystone species in many ecosystems. Disrupting their populations can have devastating ecological effects. Coypu (Nutria), on the other hand, are highly invasive and pose a grave threat to wetland vegetation and mangrove forests. Consequently there are many environmentally-motivated efforts to manage their populations. By reclaiming this fur for our Coypu Hat Bodies, we save this material from going to waste. As humans we are inescapably intertwined with our environments, and our existence necessarily impacts the beings and systems around us. It is our duty to act respectfully and thoughtfully when we take for our own use, approaching other beings humbly, gratefully, and doing our part to keep systems in balance.

Naturally Water-Repellent Fibers

Just like their cousins the Beaver, Coypu are aquatic rodents. Adapted to that environment, both animals have a very oily fur that helps repel the water from their coats. These natural oils are what provide Coypu Fur Felt hats with excellent water repellence.