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hat size guide

How To Measure Your Head

Start with a measuring tape (or anything similar like a piece of string - you can measure it later)

Wrap it around your head, placing it where your hat you prefer your hat to sit on your head.

For most - this is at the middle of your forehead with one finger width above your ear for comfort. The tape represents the inside rim of the hat. Add some slack for a looser fit or tighten for a more snug fit. Also - remember to position it higher on your forehead if you tend to wear your hat back on your head.

Hold the tape taught, but not tight. Best practice is to measure with the CM size, please provide this as well as inches so we can be exact with measurements.

Check your size on our chart. If your measurement seems to be in between two, we highly recommend to order a size up. We do recommend that you have another person do the measuring. If doing this solo - please repeat the process more than once to get an accurate measurement.